Helping readers and advertisers cut through crap every single day.

Using smart email newsletters, we deliver deep value to subscribers and high engagement for sponsors.

Reducing the noise of news.

We believe in helping our readers crush information overload and they love us for it. To combat the continuous stream of news and updates, we do the following...

Cut through the clutter of daily news.

Handpick stories that matter to each individual.

Gather content from a wide range of trusted sources.

Help readers stop wasting time and being distracted.

We do it the smart way.

Our email newsletters use smart technology like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. This helps us curate and publish digests people find valuable.

Humans + Artificial Intelligence

First we blend human curation with artificial intelligence.

Individual Relevancy

Next we select news around each reader's unique interests.

Personalized Email Digest

Then we deliver a hyper-personalized email digest to each person.

Readers Read

Yep, it's really that simple!

Legal Brew

Legal Brew was launched in early 2019 because following critical legal news can be difficult for busy attorneys. We now help over 10,000 legal professionals overcome this problem with an artificially intelligent daily email news digest. Visit

Marketing Morning

We began publishing Marketing Morning in late 2019 to keep marketers updated about daily shifts and trends in their field. Over 5,000 marketing professionals receive this daily email news digest. Visit

Wise Founder

Wise Founder launched in late 2019 for entrepreneurs and founders to receive the most relevant news that will help grow their businesses. About 5,000 founders are receiving this artificially intelligent email news digest. Visit

Data-driven sponsorships.

Insightful data powers our sponsor campaigns because we know what readers want to see before they even see it.

Audience Behavior

Access real-time insights to understand which topics our audience gravitates towards and what receives the most clicks.

Targeted Offers

Knowing which subjects are getting reader attention informs the creation of relevant campaigns.


Predictive analytics aligns reader, sponsor, and publisher interests.

Our open rates are between 30.23%-47.68%, which offers higher engagement than most publications. reported the average Media & Publishing open rate is 18.9% as of January 2019.

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